Ning'er "Golden Honey Aroma" Yunnan Black Tea

$5.75 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

Golden Honey Aroma is a Mid-March harvested black tea grown in the Ning'er area of Simao. It's an old varietal that is referred to as 老号 (lit. old type), which has been grown in this area by several families for a few decades, although the varietal is much older and is likely close to pure assamica.

The tea is sweet with honey, dried cherry and orchid notes. It is thick and juicy, with a hint of chocolatey maltiness, all wrapped up in a tea soup that has a long-lasting viscous mouthfeel. Your sense of smell will not be left out of the enjoyment, either, as the aroma of this tea is indeed very strong. Honey and dried fruit characters abound, making this tea more than worthy of its name, Golden Honey Aroma!

A delicious tea that is sure to delight and awaken the senses!

Mid-March Harvest

Ning'er area of Simao (Yunnan)

Altitude:  1300-1350 meters

1 leaf to 1 bud pluck

Yun Kang #10 varietal