Ku Zhu Mountain Raw mini cake and Jing Gu Ripe mini cake * Pu-erh Box Set

$25.00 USD

Brand: Yi Shan Tea Factory

Weight: 1 Set (2 Cakes x 100 Grams)

A lovely pair of mini cakes each in their own gift box.  

The raw cake is made from Spring 2014 Ku Zhu Mountain old arbor tea.  Taste is strong and thick with a balanced bitter / astringent character.  Traditional Pu-erh style and processing makes this a good tea for those wanting to get to know pu-erh.

The ripe mini cake is made from 2012 Jing Gu fermented material.  The taste is smooth and sweet, the leaves infusable.

Each cake is 100 grams and comes in it's own gift box.