Imperial "AAA" Tie Guan Yin of Anxi Oolong Tea of Fujian

$11.50 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

This is the highest grade of Tie Guan Yin normally available.  Picked in a small window of just 2 days during the spring and autumn harvest and hand-processed in small batches to achieve a high level of aroma and full Guan Yin taste!  Also known as AAA Grade!

We recommend you order other grades first before ordering this one... taste this side by side with Premium and Fancy grades we offer and you will taste the difference.

The tea is composed of uniformly small, tightly hand-rolled emerald green nuggets!  The brewed tea liquor is a lovely emerald green with floral hints and a lingering taste in the mouth and throat!

Upgrade your Tie Guan Yin experience!!!

** Actual colors of the tea may vary somewhat from pictured.  Purchase the smallest amount to try before purchasing larger amounts.