Huang Mei Gui Wu Yi Rock Oolong Tea

$9.75 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

Huang Mei Gui (黄玫瑰) aka Yellow Rose Oolong tea is a Wu Yi Mountain grown tea varietal that is a cross between Huang Jin Gui (黄金桂) and Huang Dan (黄旦).  Unlike an Anxi Oolong, the tea was grown and processed entirely in the Wu Yi tradition.  Roasted 4 times with "rest" periods in-between roastings, it was not offered for sale until several months after it was harvested.

The taste is smooth with a floral notes that creep in as a kind of floral sweet hui gan.  Thick and sweet with a pungent feeling in the mouth, but with basically no astringency makes this tea very interesting to drink.  Goes many rounds without losing it's complex taste, aroma, and body.

Harvest Time:  Late April

** Tea leaves and tea soup color may differ somewhat than pictured!