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2008 CNNP "Blue Mark Yi Wu" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

Original price $8.25 USD - Original price $70.50 USD
Original price
$8.25 USD
$8.25 USD - $70.50 USD
Current price $8.25 USD

This is a Guangdong dry aged "Farmer CNNP" wrapped cake from 2008.  It was stored in Guangdong until early 2020, and then Kunming thereafter.  

The original producer of this tea is a small Guangzhou tea dealer who travels to Yi Wu every year to press teas.  This is one of their early productions and opted to use a generic CNNP blue mark wrapper.  The itself is a blend of Yi Wu area teas including Yi Wu proper (易武正山), Luo Shui Dong (落水洞), and Xiang Ming 象明.

The tea is warming, thick in the mouth, with the characteristic Yi Wu sweetness.  It's an easygoing tea that is pleasant to drink, without any overpowering bitterness or astringency.  A good choice for those seeking a lightly aged raw pu-erh tea.

357 Grams per cake

 ** Some wrappers may be bug-bitten with little holes in the paper. There may also be some dust between the wrapper and the cake. Rinse tea once or twice briefly before drinking! If you are squeamish please don't order this tea!

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