Bamboo Wrapped "Gong Ting" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Brick in Gift Box

$39.00 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

Weight: 250 Gram Brick in Gift Box

This a blend of (primarily) "Gong Ting" grade ripe pu-erh tea , blended with some Te Ji and Grade 1 leaves pressed into a brick and wrapped in bamboo leaf.  This entirely made from tea harvested and wet piled in Jing Gu County of Simao.  It's a 2012 production and has aged in Kunming since that time.  It's lost it's wet pile taste entirely.

This is a straight ahead ripe tea with a clean camphor and cream taste.  It's smooth and long lasting in the mouth.  An excellent choice for those new to ripe pu-erh or as a gift for someone who is new to pu-erh.

This tea is not branded in any way, there is no nei fei, the gift box is not branded either, but has the characters 尚品 printed on it, and a hand-stamped 宫廷 "Gong Ting" in red ink.

250 grams of tea per brick

2012 Production and Pressing