2021 Xiaguan "Gold Ribbon Tuo" Raw Pu-erh Tea

$7.20 USD

Brand: Xiaguan Tea Factory

Weight: 1 Tuo in Box (100 Grams)

The “Gold Ribbon” blend tuo was first introduced in 2004, when it was a special order production for a large Guangzhou Xiaguan wholesaler.

This blend utilizies superior material from Wu Liang, Yun Xian, and Yun Long mountains (Nan Jian), carefully blended to give a strong taste, aroma, and cha qi.

This "Gold Ribbon" tuo has now become a classic premium tuo from Xiaguan! The boxes protect the tea from fluctuations in temperature and humidity giving the tea a stable environment perfect for aging!

Date: 2021
Net Weight: 100 grams of tea
Ingredients: Yunnan Large Leaf varietal sun-dried tea
Produced by Xiaguan Tea Factory