2019 Yunnan Sourcing "Lucky Pig Mini Tuo" Raw Pu-erh Tea

$7.00 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Brand Pu-erh

To celebrate the Year of the Pig we created this potent little tuo cha for those who enjoy the convenience of a little single serving tea.  We used lab tested (tested for 191 Pesticides) tea leaves from Xiao Hu Sai Village and Da Xue Shan tea bushes from the autumn harvest to create this potent little "tuo cha".

At Yunnan Sourcing our aim is to improve on the tradition of which we are just a small part.  These little mini tuo are composed of high quality, strong and balanced tasting, and pesticide free!

Each mini tuo is approximately 6 grams (+/- 1 gram).  The wrappers are generic with no reference to Yunnan Sourcing.


This tea has been tested in a certified laboratory for 191 pesticides, and is within the EU MRL limits set for those 191 pesticide residues. For a full list of the 191 pesticides we tested for and more information about MRL testing and the EU Food and Safety commission click on this link.