2018 Xiaguan FT "Da Yun" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

$38.00 USD

Brand: Xiaguan Tea Factory

A nice Xiaguan FT release supposedly from 5 Banzhang area villages (see Xiaguan's description below).  To me it tastes like a really nice blend of Bulang plantation teas, and is certainly good material for longer term aging.  

Xiaguan Tea Factory's Description:

下关 飞台大运古树圆茶 (泡饼) ,精选云南西双版纳勐海县茶区大树茶为原料,分别采用老班章、新班章、老曼峨、坝卡囡和坝卡五寨茶区拼配而成,茶品霸气而不张扬,条索粗壮,圆润,芽叶肥厚且多茸毛、汤色金黄明亮、有强烈的山野气韵,嗅茶饼茶香突显,口感厚实、纯正、浓强度佳、喉韵深远、回甘持久。

Xiaguan FT Tai Da Yun ancient tree round tea (pao cake), selected from Yunnan Xishuangbanna Menghai County tea area big tree tea as raw materials, using old Lao Banzhang, Xin Banzhang, Laoman'e, Bakayan and Bakawu. The tea is powerful yet subtle, the strips are thick and round, the buds and leaves are thick and hairy, the soup is golden and bright, and there is a strong mountain and wild charm. The aroma is particularly strong, and the taste is thick and pure. Strong taste, profound throat feeling, and lasting sweetness.

357 Grams per cake (7 cakes per bamboo leaf tong in box also available)

March 20th 2018 Pressing