2017 Hui Man Xin "Jin Hao Chen Yun" Gong Ting Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake

$24.00 USD

Brand: Hui Man Xin

Weight: 1 Cake (357 Grams)

Hui Man Xin brand is produced by a small Menghai area tea factory that specializes in ripe pu-erh tea wet piling.  They've produced tea in Menghai for more than 15 years, sourcing tea leaves from Bu Lang, Nan Nuo, Pa Sha , You Le, Jing Mai, Bang Wei and the Yi Wu mountains.

"Jin Hao Chen Yun" means Old Rhyme of the Gold Tips.  It's a gong ting (gong ting is the smallest leaf grade) grade ripe pu-erh tea.  Gong Ting because of it's small size is very potent, and has a thick, sweet and creamy character.  There is a bit of bitterness in it's young age, but that will provide the fuel to transform this tea into something better and better over time.  

This is an excellent price to value ratio for a Menghai Gong Ting ripe cake!

2017 pressing

357 grams