2017 Hui Man Xin "Ban Pen Village" Bu Lang Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

$35.00 USD

Brand: Hui Man Xin

Hui Man Xin brand is produced by a small Menghai area tea factory that specializes in local raw pu-erh teas and ripe pu-erh tea wet piling.  They've produced tea in Menghai for more than 15 years, sourcing tea leaves from Bu Lang, Nan Nuo, Pa Sha , You Le, Jing Mai, Bang Wei and the Yi Wu mountains.

Made entirely from first flush spring 2017 tea picked from plantation bushes in the village of Ban Pen. Ban Pen is a neighboring village to both Lao Ban Zhang and Lao Man'e. It's also inhabited by Bu Lang people who earn the majority of their living from tea.

Ban Pen teas are similiar in Ban Zhang teas in appearance, and also have some (but less) bitterness, a fast hui gan and very good staying power both in the mouth and the gaiwan.

2017 pressing

357 grams per cake