2017 Hai Lang Hao "Lao Ban Zhang Gu Shu" Ancient Arbor Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

$850.00 USD

Brand: Hai Lang Hao

This is one of the highest quality Lao Ban Zhang that Hai Lang has ever produced.   This years cake is made from first flush of spring material which was harvested from the oldest trees in Lao Ban Zhang village which are between 250 and 400 years old.  The picking and processing was over-seen by Hai Lang himself.  At each stage he managed the processing to make sure the picking, wilting, kill-green, rolling and sun-drying stages were all done to perfection!


Strong Ban Zhang flavor... moderate bitterness, little/no astringency and fast hui gan!  This tea is intense more in its feeling than it's flavor!


All cakes stone-pressed.  Just 84 cakes produced in total!