2017 Gu Ming Xiang "Zheng Zhuan" Bu Lang Mountains Ripe Pu-erh Tea

$52.00 USD

Brand: Big Classic / Gu Ming Xiang

This is made entirely from wet piled Bu Lang pu-erh tea picked in 2012 and 2013 and wet piled in 2013. After wet piling the ripe pu-erh tea was stored in a loose leaf form in Menghai until it's pressing in 2017.

 The brick is 500 grams, wrapped in thick beige kraft paper wrapper which comes in a cardboard box that makes for a nice storage solution even after you've discard the paper wrapper.

This is a ripe pu-erh that is very unique both in feeling and taste.  It's a light fermentation ripe pu-erh and the brewed leaf is a medium-light brown with a little olive green hue creeping in.  The flavor has some chocolate and coffee bitter notes, with some dried fruit sweetness and some earthiness that remains from it's wet piling (mostly faded).  The cha qi is quite noticeable (strong) for a ripe pu-erh.  

An excellent Bu Lang single-estate ripe pu-erh tea which will age with grace and complexity.

500 Grams per brick

2017 pressing, 2013 wet piling.