2016 Menghai "Ba Ji Pu Bing" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake

$28.00 USD

Brand: Menghai Tea Factory

Weight: 357 Gram Cake

A modern classic of Da Yi! The first and previous time "Ba Ji Pu Bing was produced was 2005. The 2005 version became a modern classic and has increased more than 30-fold in value in 11 years! Ba Ji Pu Bing means "Grade 8 Ripe Cake" and is a blend of fermented Menghai material, pressed lightly to allow for faster post-fermentation. The taste is incredibly smooth with a camphor sweet and spicy finish. Light to medium wet piling process has imparted a special "raw" character to the leaves and will allow for better long-term aging.

Weight: 357 grams
Batch 1601