2014 Bao He Xiang "Meng Song Peacock" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

$135.00 USD

Brand: Bao He Xiang Brand

entirely Spring 2014 harvested tea from Meng Song area in the northeast of Menghai county, just north of the Nan Nuo mountain area.  Meng Song is home to many of tea trees as well as matured old plantations.  Meng Song teas are unique both in taste and aroma.  They have much of the floral character of Nan Nuo but with additional bitterness and excellent body.

Li Wen Hua is a long time Pu-erh veteran, he's been producing pu-erh for Xinghai Tea Factory (1996-2004) and then later worked for the Menghai Tea Factory as a master tea blender from 2004 to 2008.  Several Da Yi brand ripe and raw blends can be credited to Li Wen Hua. In 2011 Li Wen Hua founded the Bao He Xiang 宝和祥 Brand of Pu-erh Tea with a distinct focus on creating high quality blended ripe and raw pu-erhs as well as single mountain blends as well.  Bao He Xiang is a relatively small brand with productions ranging from 250 kilograms to 2000 kilograms in total. 

357 Grams per cake

2014 Spring Harvested Tea

Wrapped in Hand-Made Dai Minority paper.