2013 Yi Shan Lao Zhai Gu Shu Raw Pu-erh tea of Jinggu

$63.00 USD

Brand: Yi Shan Tea Factory

Lao Zhai or "Old Village" is a small village near Ku Zhu mountain in Jinggu county of Simao.  Lao Zhai is home to many old tea trees and sits on gently sloping south section of Ku Zhu mountain.  This production is made from first flush of Spring 2013 and is entirely from Lao Zhai old tea trees which range in age from 80 to 200 years old.  It's naturally grown and harvested without the aid of chemical fertlizers or pesticides.  The tea is lovely and thick with a mushroom character and little to no smokiness present.  Brewed leaves are thick and stout with dark-olive green color.


Limited quantity!


357 grams per cake!