2012 Ye Zhuang Shuang Li "Yu Gong Jin Zhuan" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Brick

$22.50 USD

Brand: Ye Zhuang Shuang Li Tea Factory

This bamboo leaf wrapped tea is a meticulously fermented ripe tea from a prominent Menghai area tea factory (Ye Zhuang Shuang Li).  Composed of a blend of Meng Song and Bu Lang fermented material gives this a heavy thick taste that is not so far removed from the material's origins.

Fermented in 2012, this brick has aged just slightly, but enough that the fermented flavor is not over-powering.  Further aging will massively improve this high quality material.

Each bamboo leaf pack has two 250 gram bricks inside.  The default quantity type is 1 pack (500 grams).  You may also choose to purchase one 250 gram brick without the bamboo leaf packing.   For Australian customers, the bamboo packing will be removed since we cannot send bamboo wrapped teas "down under".