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2012 Xiaguan FT Taiwan #6 Raw Pu-erh Tea Tuo Cha in Box

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Brand: Xiaguan Tea Factory

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Re-production of a classic "Fei Tai" production. The original production used the highest quality early spring teas and Cang Shan Mountain spring water for compression. More than ten years later this cake is being sold for $500 USD! While the 2012 production tuo cha may not reach that price level as quickly as the 1999 production, great attention has been paid to producing a tea that is equal in quality. The tea has typically strong and pungent cha qi, while the thickness of the tea in the mouth is felt. Compression is relatively tight, but typical for Xiaguan tuo cha. This is an optimum tea for long-term aging, but could also be enjoyed immediately by those aficionados of young sheng!

100 grams per tuo