2012 Xiaguan FT "Mushroom Tuo" Ripe Pu-erh Tea

$26.00 USD

Brand: Xiaguan Tea Factory

This is a ripe pu-erh Xiaguan FT Production of the Mushroom "Jin Cha" (tight tea).  Tea harvested from Lincang area of Yunnan was wet piled for 40 plus days and then pressed into these mushroom shaped tuo.  

Xiaguan "Bao Yan" (aka Tibetan Flame or Holy Flame) ripe teas are robust, earthy and sweet with a camphor aroma.  Very smooth and enjoyable ripe tea that can be aged more if you'd like, or enjoyed now!

250 Grams per tuo (3 tuo per bag)

2012 Pressing