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2012 Cha Yu Lin "29 Steeps" Fu Rong Mountain Fu Brick Tea

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Cha Yu Lin is a small An Hua area tea producer that produces their own Fu Cha, Tian Jian and Qian Liang (and Bai Liang) Cha.  They have been producing teas under this brand since 2005.  Their attention to care and detail in their productions is admirable and we are proud to be able to offer this incredibly delightful Fu Brick!

This 1 kilogram tea brick is composed entirely of spring harvest material from Fu Rong Mountain in An Hua county of Hunan.  The tea was fermented, then pressed into bricks where the golden flowers flourish in the inner section of the brick where the conditions are just right to support them. After a few days the Golden Flowers have thrived the bricks are dried gradually using a temperature of 37C which gradually halts the spread of the flowers without damaging them or the tea leaves.  

The owner of Cha Yu Lin decided to call this tea "29 Steeps" 二十九道茶 because it can be steeped many times before losing its essence!

High quality tea leaves, expert processing, and a decade plus of aging come together to make this a very enjoyable Fu Brick!   The tea is thick and sweet, with notes of fruit, hay, and honey.  The tea soup is orange-red in color!


1 kilogram per brick. (if you want an intact brick please choose the "1 Brick (1 Kilogram" option).

2011 harvest and 2012 pressing

Growing Altitude:  800-900 meters

Region:  Fu Rong Mountain in An Hua County (Hunan Prefecture).


ALLERGEN ALERT!!!   ** Because there is a possibility the golden flowers were inoculated using wheat flour we cannot guarantee this tea is safe for those with Celiac Disease or those that have severe gluten induced allergies **

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