2010 Liming "Bu Lang Mountain Red Mark" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

$56.00 USD

Brand: Liming Tea Factory

Liming Tea Factory is located in Menghai and specializes in both ripe and raw pu-erhs composed of Xishuangbanna tea leaves.  This cake is a blend of several Bu Lang mountain villages' tea!

This is a blend of Menghai area spring harvested teas.  Aged in Guangdong from 2010 until now (we don't stock more than one case at a time in Kunming)   It's lightly aged and very smooth to drink but still plenty of complexity, qi, and a thick mouth-feel to boot! Nice red-gold tea soup color**.

Liming has proved it's raw pu-erh blends are high quality and age well. 

**Actual tea soup color is likely quite a bit darker than shown in the photos.

357 grams per cake

2010 Pressing from Bu Lang Mountain area tea leaves