2009 Nan Qiao "Wu Yin Cha Pin" Menghai Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake

$52.00 USD

Brand: Nan Qiao Tea Factory

Nan Qiao is a medium size tea factory in Menghai town of Xishuangbanna.  It specializes in ripe pu-erh tea wet piling and does many productions of it's own as well special productions.  This 2009 "Wu Yin Cha Pin" is a special order production by a Guangdong tea seller.  The tea is medium level of "wo dui" (wet piling fermentation) and was aged in a relatively dry storage condition in Guangzhou for 7 years!

The result is an incredibly complex and delicious ripe pu-erh.  The tea soup brews a dark brown and burgundy, that's very clear and clean.  The taste is free of an wet pile taste (having since dissipated due to age and storage condition) and is sweet with black currant fruity taste.  The tea is very infusable and will easily go 10+ infusions without losing much taste.

I consider this tea unique due to it's taste, and it's a desirable purchase because it's very cheap for complex, semi aged ripe with no wet pile taste.  The feeling of drinking it is very pleasant and it's qi is stable and warm for the body.


Vintage:  2009

Area: Menghai

Weight:  357 grams per cake