2009 Liming "Yi Wu Mountain Big Green Tree" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

$83.00 USD

Brand: Liming Tea Factory

Liming Tea Factory is located in Menghai and specializes in both ripe and raw pu-erhs composed of Xishuangbanna tea leaves.  The Yi Wu Big Green Tree cake was stored in Kunming since 2009, and is a blend of several Yi Wu area villages' tea!

Very clean and dry storage in Kunming has smoothed the rough edges while preserving this tea's pungent aroma and powerful thick taste and mouthfeel.  Thick, oily, bitter, sweet and floral, this is a great Yi Wu tea that performs very well for its age and price.  We highly recommend picking up this cake to drink now or age further!

357 grams per cake

2009 Spring Harvest