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2009 Hai Lang Hao "Jin Hao Gong Bing" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake

Original price $7.50 USD - Original price $40.00 USD
Original price
$7.50 USD
$7.50 USD - $40.00 USD
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This is a Gong Ting grade Ripe pu-erh tea fermented using spring 2007 Jing Mai mountain material. The tea has been stored in a loose form in Menghai since that time. Hai Lang tasted more than 20 different gong tings before deciding to use this tea to press these beautiful 200 gram cakes. The brewed tea is a bright deep red-wine color! The taste is smooth and with a sweet after-finish with hints of sugarcane! This has already lost most of its "dui wei" and is ready to drink now. Further aging will make this cake even more flavorful and textured! Limited Quantity!

Notes: Nei Fei (embedded ticket) is written "Ban Zhang" in chinese, this was a printing mistake that was not found until after compression. This is Jing Mai ripe tea!

Producer: Hai Lang Hao
Production time: 2007 material, 2009 pressing
Tea weight: 200 grams (10 cakes per tong)
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