2008 Lao Man'e Brand "Rare Aroma" Certified Organic Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake

$56.00 USD

Brand: Lao Man'e Brand

This is a well aged Guangdong storage ripe pu-erh tea pressed in 2008 by the Lao Man'e Brand.   This is composed of a blend of gong ting, te ji, grade 1,3,5 ripe tea leaves wet piled from tea leaves harvested in the Ba Da mountains and Bu Lang mountains.  The wet pile batch was done with a medium-light level of fermentation to preserve more of the raw "sheng" character of the tea leaves.  The result is an aromatic tea with plenty of fruity sweetness and just a little bit of chocolate bitter character.

357 Grams per cake

2008 Pressing

Certified Organic by ODFDC China