2007 Liming "King of Tuo" Raw Pu-erh Tea Tuo of Menghai

$40.00 USD

Brand: Liming Tea Factory

This is a classic Liming production produced from 2007 Spring tea from Bu Lang, Ba Da and Nan Nuo.  It's a powerful blend with a good amount of tips to add aroma and sweetness.  Nice strong mouth-feel, pungent taste, cha qi and long-lasting taste.  Aged in Guangdong since 2007 (until November 2017), this has aged quite nicely and is very infusable as well. 

A great choice for those who love Menghai recipe teas from traditional storage conditions!

Each Tuo is 250 grams, order all 4 and them in the original gifting box!

2007 Pressing

Liming Tea Factory of Menghai