2005 Hai Lang Hao “Nan Nuo Shan Gu Shu” Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

$180.00 USD

Brand: Hai Lang Hao

Another limited single estate Nan Nuo production from Hai Lang Hao. Spring 2005 material from old tea trees growing in Ban Po Lao Zhai in the Nan Nuo mountains in Menghai county of Xishuangbanna. Dry stored in Shanghai since 2005 this has aged wonderfully and is a pleasure to drink! This semi-aged Nan Nuo tea when brewed is golden-orange color and very clear. The aroma is floral and sweet, the flavor of the tea is somewhat spicy and sweet, the after-taste is cooling and mouth-watering. Cha qi is subtle and builds with multiple infusions to a calming but heightened sense of awareness. An excellent example of a semi-aged Nan Nuo tea.

Cake weight: 357 grams