2005 CNNP "Big Yellow Mark" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

$86.00 USD

Brand: CNNP

Big Yellow Mark (lit. Da Huang Yin) is a CNNP labelled tea from a small producer in Menghai.  The tea is a blend of Nan Nuo and Bu Lang Mountain Spring 2005 tea.  The tea has been stored in a "dry Guangdong" condition for 12 years and has developed a nice aged feel to it.  The bitterness and astringency of it's origin is still there but has largely (but not entirely) been transformed into something floral, sweet, and broth-like.  Alot of complexity and very thick viscous tea soup and long lasting full mouth-feeling. 

I recommend this tea for those who like to drink semi-aged teas or want to take shortcut on the longer term aging by buying something semi-aged.  Another 10 years in a good pumidor or storage condition will transform this powerful tea into something that can be enjoyed as a truly aged tea!


357 grams per cake, 7 cakes per bamboo leaf tong

No date stamp!