2004 Nan Jian Phoenix Aroma Aged Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

$82.00 USD

Brand: Nan Jian Tu Lin Brand

An early Nan Jian production of their classic Phoenix Coin cake.  The cake is composed of tippy grade and medium leaves from both Wu Liang Shan and Yun Xian county (Lincang) tea leaves.  Wu Liang leaves provide butter and aroma, whereas the Yun Xian tea leaves give it body and bitterness.   A nice balanced raw cake pressed into the form of a coin (flat edge at a right angle to the face and back of the cake).  Compression isn't tight after 12 years of aging in a sub-tropical climate and this tea brews a dark orange-red tea soup.  Taste is thick and sweet but with some multi-layered (aged) bitter and astringent!


A complex tea that could be enjoyed now or aged further!

357 grams per cake, samples available!