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1999 Basket Aged Loose Leaf Ripe Pu-erh Tea from Menghai

Original price $11.00 USD - Original price $163.00 USD
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$11.00 USD
$11.00 USD - $163.00 USD
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This is a pure Kunming aged loose leaf ripe pu-erh tea from Menghai aged in a basket!  20 years of aging has given this tea an incredibly unique and complex taste.  Dried fruit, camphor wood, five spices and tobacco.  There is also a "chen xiang" that can only really be described as "aged taste", which is unique to aged pu-erh and is particularly prominent in dry aged pu-erh teas!

I highly recommend this tea!  Don't take my word for it, get a small amount and experience it for yourself!

Each basket contains roughly 500 grams of tea!

***These baskets were packed many years ago and the weight varies from basket to basket. Please do not expect exactly 500g. These are being sold "as is."

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