2005 Xinghai "Silver Peacock" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake

$68.00 USD

Brand: Xinghai Tea Factory

A classic Xinghai ripe tea produced from the late 90's until.  Xinghai tea factory is the 2nd producer of ripe tea in Menghai town (after Menghai tea factory), and has an excellent "wo dui" fermentation process.  This cake is called "Menghai Old Tree" and is also "Silver Peacock" recipe.


Our 2005 Silver Peacock was aged in Guangdong.  It's a "Guangdong dry-stored" tea that has already lost it's "wo dui" (fermented) taste.  The tea brews up a deep, dark but clear burgundy-brown tea soup.  The tea is super sweet and smooth with a dried cherry after-taste.  Goes many many rounds and is nearly impossible to over-brew.


357 Grams per cake