Introduction to Wu Yi Rock Oolong Tea Sampler

$40.00 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

Historically labelled as "bohea", another name for the "Wuyi" region of Fujian Province China, is where some of the most cherished tea plants are cultivated. "Yan Cha" or "Cliff/Rock Tea" owes its name to the natural haven these plants thrive in. Nestled in and around the cliffs of a nature preserve, rock oolong tea plants enjoy a very unique terroir consisting of mineral rich soil, limestone cliffs, bamboo forests, and many rivers. The prestige of Wuyi teas are simply something every tea drinker must experience! Inviting aromas and complex post production techniques create this highly sophisticated classical category within the world of tea. We are proud to offer such a deep and wide selection of the finest rock oolongs from Wuyi.

Here's 5 Wu Yi Rock Oolongs that will give an idea of the breadth and depth of this amazing region's teas!  In total you'll get 175 grams of tea to enjoy!

50 Grams - Premium AA Da Hong Pao Wu Yi Shan Rock Oolong Tea

25 Grams - 13 Years Aged Da Hong Pao Rock Oolong Tea

25 Grams - Wu Yi Shan "Bai Ji Guan" Rock Oolong Tea

25 Grams - Light Roast Tie Luo Han "Iron Arhat" Wu Yi Shan Rock Oolong Tea

50 Grams - Phoenix Village "Mi Xiang" Shui Xian Oolong Tea