2003 Wu Chi Dao "Mengku Zheng Shan" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

$103.00 USD

Brand: Wu Chi Dao Brand Pu-erh

Wu Chi Dao brand tea is produced by a small tea factory in Mengku area of Lincang.  This is a spring 2003 production pressed by stone press and then stored our friend's 4th floor warehouse in Dong Guan (Guangdong).  It's what we call "Guangdong Dry storage", which is wetter and hotter than Kunming but not so hot that the cake is moldy or off in any way.  It's very clean storage condition has transformed the Mengku intensity, bitterness and astringency into something floral, sweet and textured.  A very enjoyable tea to drink and I nice change for those who prefer something more aged tasting than a comparable vintage Kunming dry stored cake!

400 grams per cake