Classic Bai Lin Gong Fu "Golden Monkey" Black tea of Fuding

$6.00 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

Bai Lin Gong Fu (aka Golden Monkey) Black Tea is made from Fuding Bai Hao "White Pekoe" varietal tea leaves.  Our Premium grade is a one leaf to 1 bud semi-tippy grade.  The tea leaves are picked in sets with 1 leaf and 1 bud.  The processing allows for a golden-orange furry tip complemented by a dark leaf.

The brewed tea is sweet, viscous, fruity and floral.  Very smooth drinking black tea with a little bit of bite, but not too much.  Some people might prefer this to our pure tips Imperial Grade.

This tea is often referred to as "Golden Monkey" Black tea by western vendors.

Mid-April Harvest