2021 Liming "Jingmai Old Tree" Certified Organic Raw Pu-erh Tea

$45.00 USD

Brand: Liming Tea Factory

Weight: 1 Box (2 x 80 Gram Brick)

Liming Tea Factory has established an organic tea garden in the Mangjing area of the Jingmai Mountains!  This is a spring 2021 first flush harvested tea that was pressed into 80 gram "fang cha" (lit square brick tea).  Each box contains 2 bricks, each being 80 grams!

The tea itself is classic Jingmai tea!  The mixed (small and large leaf) varietal gives the tea buttery sweetness and lightly floral aftertaste.  Very balanced character with tons of body and a viscous mouth feel.

Each Box Contains 2 Bricks, Each is 80 Grams (160 Grams Total per Box)