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Yunnan "Assamica Gold Needle" Black Tea

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During the 2nd half of the 20th century most tea plants planted for black tea cultivation in Yunnan were hybrids of Assamica but not pure Assamica (大叶种).  Pure Assamica is what's used for Pu-erh production and what was used to produce this lovely tea.

Picked in early March in and then expertly processed by a small Ning'er area village cooperative this burly black tea features thick stems, with leaves and buds covered with downy hairs.  The withering process has given the buds a deep copper-gold color and the leaves a brown black color.  The flavor is very sweet, but there is a slight mineral astringency to counter it.  The depth and thick viscous texture of the tea and the heavy sugarcane aroma makes for a delightful experience.

The incredibly affordable pricing we offer makes this tea a solid choice for daily drinking but also offers insight into "Pure Assamica" as a varietal of choice for black tea production.

Spring Harvest is Early March, Autumn Harvest is Late-September

Ning'er county of Simao (Yunnan)

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