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High Mountain "Mo Li Xiang" Old Bush Dan Cong Oolong Tea

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Our Mo Li Xiang Dan Cong (茉莉香/Jasmine Aroma) is harvested from a cluster of old bushes at an altitude of 1200 meters near Jiao Cun in the Wu Dong mountains.  It's among the most premium and rare of any Dan Cong we have ever tried.  Just under 500 grams in total was harvested this spring (first flush).  We are offering 36 small canisters with just 13 grams each.

The taste is thick, full-bodied with many textured layers that stimulate the whole mouth and body!  Floral, sweet, bitter (with a fast hui gan) and fruity!  Although this is called "Jasmine Aroma" in Chinese there is NO use jasmine flowers or essences in this tea.  It's naturally quite floral.  Last many steeps and imparts a delightful robust cha qi!

13 grams of tea in each ceramic canister!

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