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2019 Hai Lang Hao "Ji Nuo" Bu Lang Mountain Ripe Pu-erh Tea

Original price $8.75 USD - Original price $121.00 USD
Original price
$8.75 USD
$8.75 USD - $121.00 USD
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This is a production made entirely from 2018 Spring Bu Lang Mountain material that was wet piled in the summer of 2018. The degree of wet piling is medium-light level with some green still showing in the leaves. The brick is a blend of tippy and medium sized leaves and has a medium level of compression.

This is a potent Bu Lang tea that lives up to its name "Ji Nuo"  极糯 (which in this case means something like viscous or sticky). Plenty of complexity, with notes of dried fruit, chocolate, exotic hardwood and flower petals. Delivered in a creamy viscous body with a dark tea soup, this tea can go 10+ steeps gong fu style!

Pressed January 8th 2019

500 Grams Per Brick

Material Harvested from Bu Lang Mountainous area of Menghai County (Xishuangbanna).

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