2005 Hai Lang Hao "Lincang Impression" Raw Pu-erh Tea

$150.00 USD

Brand: Hai Lang Hao

A 2005 Hai Lang Hao production produced under the "Ming Xiang Ya Yuan" brand. "Lincang Impression" is made entirely from Yong De area early spring tea. A small production with a special heavy pungent cha qi! Rolled more tightly than many other Mengku area teas this tea has plenty of textured flavors to reveal to the drinker. Aged almost 11 years has given this tea a thick liquor with a sweet after-taste, while still retaining some bitterness. An amazing tea sure to please hard-core drinkers of sheng!

Net Weight: 357 grams per cake (7 cakes per stack)
Produced by Hai Lang Hao (Ming Xiang Ya Yuan)