2008 Hai Lang Hao "Jingmai Mountain" Raw Pu-Erh Tea Brick

$56.00 USD

Brand: Hai Lang Hao

Entirely Spring 2007 Pu-erh!

The first production for 2008 from Hai Lang Hao (Ming Xiang Ya Yuan). This brick is composed entirely from early spring 2007 raw material. The "mao cha" was purchased on a recent trip to Jing Mai Mountain where it remained un-sold in 2007. The "mao cha" is entirely from Jing Mai mountain from trees that are 60 to 70 years of age, with trunks and well-established root system. The taste of the brick is typically Jing Mai mountain and its full textured flavor and thick tea soup reflects careful hand-processed tea. I highly recommend this tea for drinking now or for aging.

Just 900 kilograms produced in total!

250 grams of tea per brick!