Yun Tai Mountain Wild Tian Jian Hei Cha of Hunan * 150 grams

$25.00 USD

Brand: Yun Tai Shan

Weight: 1 Box (150 Grams)

Yun Tai Mountain is located in An Hua County of Hunan Province and is home to some of Hunan's most remote and wild tea gardens. This tea is from those "un-tended and wild" tea gardens at an altitude of 1200 to 1350 meters above sea level.  The Yun Tai mountains have a karst base and are very steep.  They provide excellent drainage, access to direct sunlight and mineral nutrients to the tea plants.

This Premium Grade Wild Tian Jian was hand processed at each stage.  It has a slight pine smoke taste with hints of molasses and peat.  This is countered with slight mineral taste and some astringency that serves to remind the drinker they are are drinking tea instead of some magical concoction borne of a marriage between a highland scotch maker and a Hunan mountain sprite.


150 grams per box.

2014 vintage

Maker: Wu Han (An Hua County)