2013 Cha Yu Lin "Hua Mei" Hunan Tian Jian Tea

$7.25 USD

Brand: Yunnan Sourcing Tea Shop

This lovely Tian Jian tea is name after the Chinese Hwamei bird which is endemic to the An Hua area of Hunan.  The tea itself is a spring 2013 harvest Tian Jian that has been aged in 30 kilogram baskets in An Hua since 2013.

This is a classic Tian Jian with notes of smoky peat, fruit, and chocolate.  The taste is full-bodied and sweet.  A very nice and affordable aged Tian Jian! 

Cha Yu Lin is a small An Hua producer that works with tea growers and small village cooperatives to produce unique small batch Hei Cha.  They've been producing An Hua teas since 2004!