2009 Hai Lang Hao "Yi Wu Zheng Shan" Raw Pu-erh Tea

$199.00 USD

Brand: Hai Lang Hao

Entirely Wild Arbor (not Ancient Arbor) tea from the Yi Wu peak of the the Yi Wu Mountain range in Mengla county of Xishuangbanna. This tea was processed directly under the supervision of Hai Lang himself during his spring trip to Yi Wu area. The tea was expertly picked and process with careful attention and then pressed by stone-press in a small tea factory in Yi Wu. The wrapped bears the mark "Hai Lang Special Pressing" and the nei fei (inner ticket) references "Hai Lang Hai". Just 250 kilograms of this special premium tea cake was produced!

Product Name: Hai Lang Hao "Yi Wu Zheng Shan"
Net Weight: 400 grams
Ingredients: First Flush of Spring Sun-dried tea of Yi Wu mountain