2000 Bu Lang Mountain "Mushroom Tuo" Raw Pu-erh Tea

$125.00 USD

Brand: Hai Lang Hao

This is a year Spring 2000 pressing of Bu Lang Mountain raw pu-erh tea that has been aged in Kunming since the year 2000 by Hai Lang.  He purchased the tea on a trip to Menghai back in 2000 and has been aging since that time in Kunming.  The mushroom tuo aka "Jin Cha" 紧茶 are tightly compressed, with the center and stem of the mushroom being very tight!  The result with an aged tea like this is one that has aged slowly and gracefully.  It has a strong sweet aroma, thick tea soup, a hint of smoke, and still some bitterness but with a fast sweet "hui gan".

An excellent dry aged pu-erh tea that is a rare find in this price range!

Weight:  250 Grams per tuo* (+/- 10 grams)

Region:  Bu Lang Mountain area of Menghai County (Xishuangbanna)

Varietal:  Pure Assamica

*if you'd like to get it in the original bamboo "long tong" shown in the pictures, you'd need to order 7 tuo.