2017 Guan Zi Zai "Nannuo Mountain" Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

$40.00 USD

Brand: Guan Zi Zai Tea Company

Guan Zi Zai is a small Xishuangbanna based tea producer that specializes in Banna teas like Yi Wu, Nannuo, Mengsong, Bu Lang, Pa Sha and others.

This Nannuo production is composed of first flush of spring 2017 tea leaves harvested from plantation bushes growing in the Nannuo mountains.  It's not a single village tea, but rather a blend of teas from several Nannuo area villages.

The taste is typically Nannuo, full-bodied, floral, slight smoke, bitterness and astringency.  A very pungent tea!

This is a good economical tea with strength and complexity that is both a good example of it's region, and a worthwhile candidate for aging.

357 grams per cake