2007 Feng Qing "Gold Ribbon Tuo" Raw Pu-erh Tea

$12.50 USD

Brand: Feng Qing Tea Factory

This is a premium tippy "Gold Ribbon" version of the classic Feng Qing Te Ji tuo cha.  Aged in Lincang area since 2007 has given this a warm honey-like sweetness that only Southern Yunnan storage conditions can provide!

Tight compression has protected this tea from must and mold but the small and open shape of the tuo has allowed for a nicely aged tea to develop!  There is a cloth gold ribbon embedded into the tuo!  This is a special extra tippy version!

This is a perfect semi-aged raw tea that is sure to please casual and sophisticated tea drinkers alike!

100 Grams per Tuo (5 Tuo per Bag)

2007 Pressing from Feng Qing County tea leaves (Lincang, Yunnan)