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Winter Harvest "Snowflake Duck Shit" Dan Cong Black Tea

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Ya Shi Xiang Dan Cong (aka Duck Shit Aroma) is a rare Dan Cong varietal grown in and around Ping Keng Tou village in the Phoenix Mountains outside of Chaozhou in Guangdong Province. 

It's called "duck shit aroma" because in the Ping Keng Tou village area the soil has a somewhat yellow brown look to it and is unique to that area.  With all teas the soil type is a key element in the tea's taste.  Villagers wanting to guard the uniqueness of their tea bushes told outsiders that the color and uniqueness of the soil in their village was due to copious amounts of duck shit and began to call the their Dan Cong "duck shit aroma".  True or not it's an entertaining story which reveals why the tea has such a gross name.

Winter Harvest Dan Cong is also called "Snowflake Dan Cong" (雪片单枞) and has the lowest harvest quantity per bush of any Dan Cong.

Winter Harvested "Duck Shit Aroma" is the best candidate for super light oxidation, giving it a very green leaf with a fruity and floral aroma/taste and a creamy mouth-feel.

The resulting tea is incredibly complex and unique.  Our Snowflake Duck Shit Black Tea  has thick sweetness and a very pronounced sweet licorice taste that reminds us just a bit of Taiwan Hong Yu #18 black tea.  The tea lasts many many infusions.  You simply can't have a similar experience with any other tea.  Highly recommended for Dan Cong and Black Tea aficionados alike!

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