2000 Yi Wu "Huang Pian" Matured Leaves Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake

$160.00 USD

Brand: Other Factories

This cake is an excellent example of how an aged "Huang Pian" (黄片 matured leaf) raw pu-erh tea cake can taste so good.  Picked from 2000 Spring matured leaves from Yi Wu area tea trees and then pressed and stored in Kunming for 17 years!

This tea brews up an active and bright (both in color and taste) tea soup with a kind of of spicy herbal sweetness.  No astringency or bitterness, just ultra smooth sweet honey goodness!

This is unlike any other tea you have ever had, and at the same time its delicious and enjoyable!

357 grams per cake

Wrapped in white paper (does not come packed in a bamboo tong).