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1990 CNNP "73 Brick" Aged Ripe Pu-erh Tea

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This is a 1990 release from the Kunming Tea Factory of the classic "73 Brick".   The "73 brick" is the first ripe pu-erh released by CNNP.  Ripe Pu-erh "wo dui" (wet piling) process was first widely undertaking in the early 1970's in Yunnan to "fast-age" pu-erh tea making it less bitter and astringent, thereby making it more palatable and accessible.  In the first decade of ripe pu-erh production, it was not well received and raw pu-erh was produced in much larger quantities.  By the mid/late 1980's Ripe Pu-erh gained in popularity as people in Guangdong, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia began to appreciate the unique and mellow character of ripe teas.  The "73 brick" is the prototype of ripe pu-erh.  The simple blend of grade 1 through 9 leaves is still one of the best blends in existence.


Our 1990 "73 Brick" was aged in Kunming since it's production. Due to this very clean and relatively dry storage condition the tea has aged through process of curing and retains an incredible clear and crisp taste.  It's very strong in the mouth and the cha qi is very pervasive without being unpleasant or overpowering.  If this brick had been in a wet storage environment it would have very little cha qi and the complex dried fruit, spice and musk taste it has would not be present at all.  After aging 27 years in Kunming... this tea has a story to tell!


If you enjoyed the 1990 CNNP "9016" Aged Ripe Pu-erh Tea Tuo Cha, the 1997 CNNP 7581 Recipe Ripe Pu-erh tea brick * 250 grams, or the 1996 CNNP "Green Mark Te Ji" Ripe Pu-erh tea cake, then I am confident you will enjoy this as much or more!

250 grams per brick 


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