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SAMA "MC05" Insulated Thermal Flask with Cup for Brewing Tea

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SAMA has created a super thermally insulated flask for brewing tea, and for keeping your tea hot!  Multiple layers of stainless steel with a ceramic coated interior makes this a great choice for those who want to brew tea without needing a tea table and various gong fu instruments!  

This is flask has it all!  The flask itself is ceramic coated and well insulated, just drop your tea in there, add water, and then when you are ready to enjoy remove the cup/lid (which is stainless steel with ceramic coating on the inside, pop the gasket-style top (with built-in stainless steel filter) and pour!

This is a great flask for teas that love hot hot water and long steeps.  We have tested it with tight chunks of pu-erh, and hei cha (fu zhuan or qian liang) and it did wonderfully at extracting the full range of flavors and aromas present in the tea!

Volume: 400ml

Cup Volume:  130ml

Choose your preferred color from the drop-down menu!  The orange color flask shown in the pictures is not available, it is show for demonstration purposed only.

Brewing Tips:

Black Tea - 5 to 6 Grams

White Tea - 5 to 6 Grams

Fu Cha, Qian Liang, Bai Liang, Hua Zhuan, Hei Zhuan - 5 to 7 Grams

Ripe Pu-erh - 5 to 7 Grams

Young Raw Pu-erh - 4 to 5 Grams

Aged Raw Pu-erh - 5 to 7 Grams 

Taiwan Oolong - 6 to 7 Grams

Wu Yi Rock Oolong - 5 to 7 Grams

Dan Cong - not recommended

Liu Bao - 5 to 7 Grams

SAFETY WARNING:  Although this flask provides a watertight seal and can be carried in a bag, we don't recommend transporting it full of hot water. If you move it or shake it, it can build up pressure and when you open the gasket a bit of hot water could spray out. We recommend brewing tea in it and leaving it on a flat surface until such time as you open the gasket and pour the tea. It is also recommended that you don't fill all the way to the top when adding hot water to it, leave an inch or more of space inside to prevent water from spraying out when you open it. When opening it, keep it at an arm's length and away from your face, pets, children, etc. Failure to properly screw on the top tightly enough, or push down the gasket top properly could result in scalding water spraying or leaking out and causing burns. Failure to heed these directions, improper, or unintended use of this product may result in burns from scalding hot water. If the product is defective in any manner discontinue use immediately!  

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